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Coastal water work

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Coastal water work

Coastal water work

At Marine Shipping Services we mount solution and maintain all aspects of watering and reticulation. Coastal water management is available throughout the UK. We have operated our service which offers local and more remote irrigation and reticulation solutions. 

We offer our services in the Severn Estuary and surrounding areas. We keep ourselves upgraded with the present state regulations and guidelines concerning licenses and exploration work. Our team stays upgraded with the latest developments in irrigation innovation and tools.

Our Services:

  • Borehole Testing Facilities
  • Household Pressure Systems
  • Swimming pool Servicing & Supplies
  • Pipeline Laying and Printing
  • Domestic And Commercial Pumps And Repairs
  • Bore Pump Supply, Repairs And Installation
  • All Pumps Services & Repairs
  • Water Sprinkling Systems
  • Solar Pumping Systems
  • Pool Pumps And Filtration Systems
  • Dripper And Sprinkler Systems
  • Salt Pool Chlorinators


We work with areas from large marinas to household docks. We utilise marine grade materials. This is to build and set up drifting anchors, take care of piers and gangways that accomplish our client expectations.


We repair weathered or worn away existing anchors to bring back structural stability and security. A yearly maintenance program is likewise offered and advised.

Marine Maintenance

Our industrial diving department uses on-going power plant maintenance. We also carry out tunnel and pipeline maintenance.

Recovery Operations

Shoreline Solutions performs restoring procedures of all dimensions to rescue your vessel. Whether you need undersea lift bags, towing, or repair services our landing craft can assist.  As a commercial platform for diving divisions, we understand ways to solve your emergency situation.  We make sure to prevent environmental damages or contamination.


Marine Shipping Services not only concentrates on providing premium construction services for coastal based operations. We likewise can supply our consumers with landing craft for building services in water settings. 

Wet Lands

These environments can be semi-solid atmospheres, off-shore environments, marshland or seaside waterways. Marine Shipping Services has the craft available. We work with employees and devices to effectively complete any inland water project.

Our equipment works along with other marine equipment. These sources consist of tugs,  barges, deck barges, diesel hammers, vibratory hammers, heavy devices and other relevant tools to carry out all your marine jobs. 

We offer services for a range of industries. This can be building and fixing bulkheads, sheet loading or constructing raised concrete platforms. Marine Shipping Services can supply you with a safe, expert and efficient craft for water building solutions in any atmosphere.