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Heavy Sea Freight Transportation

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  • 10-08-2017
Heavy Sea Freight Transportation

Sea freight is typically billed per container (20ft or 40ft) whereas air cargo costs are calculated on 'chargeable' weight basis. Due to the limited area on the aircraft, the size of the goods need to be thought about as well as freight weight.

Generally to transport heavier, bulkier items air cargo is more expensive compared to sea freight. Over the past couple of years' sea freight prices have actually dropped to record lows.  The gap between the cost of the two modes of transport has increased. Yet with smaller sized products the price difference narrows and air freight becomes more appealing.

Marine Shipping Services is among the leading logistics carriers on the UK Sea market.  We work with a range of of vessels, terminals and distribution networks.

Our strategy allows us to be the first to recognise a chance and easily adapt to changing situations.

Whether in your area or nationally, we take care of supply chains to increase product activity. This not only permits us to lower expenses.  This also makes it possible for clients to concentrate totally on their core business. 

We understand that trust and dependability compose a big part of supply chain management. Most of our clients have actually accumulated a relationship with us for many years. We then begin to play a larger part in their business.

We offer various levels of integration for most of our customers, consisting of 3rd party logistics. We can and do take obligation for clients on numerous systems. We schedule orders to pack planning as well as on site and remote management.

With the help of IT links and/or on site depiction, we work with our consumers to seek improvements and price savings. We work with manufacturing control, customer support and transport organisers. This enables us to optimise chances within the supply chain.

Industrial Shipping
Details and committed vessel based system options. Based on commercial customers demands for cost reliable transport. Whether your transport has intricate requirements, is heavy or over-sized equipment, we provide integrated logistics, task management and sea freight solutions.

Typically the integrity of transport can outweigh various other factors such as cost and speed. When procedures are reliant on the shipment of goods it ends up being paramount that items arrive in a timely manner and in good condition.

Our project monitoring team will directly attend to the shipment port-side. This will be offered both at origin and location to make certain the freight is filled and received safely. 

We comprehend the value of on-site visibility to look after the usually fragile manoeuvres. These might involve the lifting and safeguarding of beneficial freight. We can offer this aboard full or part chartered vessels for long trips.