Easy Ltd

Marine and Landing Craft Services

Project Management

We offer a wealth of experience within the marine market. We are able to supply working as a consultant/ project management remedies for a wide variety of river and marine jobs. From the initial call to task completion, our committed team can be on hand to help fulfil your needs.  We ensure that your requirements are met on time and within budget.


We regularly supply a landing craft for usage in movie work on the rivers or estuaries. We can either film from these locations, or to visit potential movie locations. As well as shooting from them our work boats could also be made use of as safety boats during filming.

We are happy to offer advice on tides and filming licences. Our substantial understanding of the UK shore means we understand which areas are of interest. We can provide guidance on possible film locations if required.

Marine Construction

We have the ability to provide competitive quotes for a wide range of marine construction and civil engineering jobs. These include:

Bridge Maintenance / Repairs 

Pile Driving

Quayside Repairs

Pier Construction / Installation

Coastal Projection Works

Flood Protection Works

Dive Support

We can provide with the following dive support services: 

Confined Room Procedures 

Undersea Studies of Frameworks

Interior Storage Tank Evaluation 

Pier/Barge Examinations

Aesthetic Examination   

Bridge Inspection and Maintenance

CCTV, CAD Drawings and Reporting 

Cathodic Defense Examination


We supply towage solutions throughout the Severn Estuary and surrounding coastal locations. Instances of the types of pulling we carry out consist of:

Conventional Barges 


Containerised Waste Barges

Crane Barges / Flat Tops / Pontoons  

Handling of Jack Up Rigs


Fleet Support

We could work together with workboats, yanks and multi cats. We work within the Severn Estuary, its surrounding inland rivers and coastal areas.

Our vessels are capable of accomplishing a wide range of marine roles consisting of:

Fetching & Carrying

Marine Support 

Crew Transfer 

Safety Boats

Site Attendance

Dive Boats 


Survey Boats

Work Platforms 

Bridge & Property Surveys

Bridge & Property Maintenance

Camera Boats/ Film Work