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Marine Work

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Marine Work

Marine Work

Our fleet of vessels comprises a series of multi-purpose smaller sized landing craft. These are specifically developed for sustaining a wide array of offshore marine solutions. These include building, design, repair service and maintenance jobs on water or on the shore.

  • All our work vessels are offered for hire on a daily or longer-term basis
  • High criteria in vessels and staff for all overseas marine services
  • We pride ourselves on the high quality of all our vessels

Upgrades have enhanced the requirements for existing vessels. Our fleet is increasing to make use of brand-new chances and boost both capacity and capability.

Our focus remains on the highest possible standards. This consists of making certain that plant is kept to the greatest spec. We monitor that it is correctly insured, and run by certified and experienced workers. This allows us to supply the best possible solution.

We run a variety of different kinds of services depending upon the sort of task required.


We provide a wide variety of services to make your life a little much easier. With the best expertise and equipment, we obtain the job done. With our mobile and reliable equipment we can carry out reliable undersea job-- anywhere. We utilise the newest technology in cleaning, polishing,  video and welding.

  • In Water-Survey
  • Propeller Polishing
  • Assessments
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Security Replenishment
  • Salvage and Damages

Marine Shipping Services has actually finished many respected projects of popular areas. We prepare to work with customers to deliver future dredging and reclamation projects. We owe our place as a national leader in our technological knowledge and substantial contemporary tools.

Success has come from investing in our own people, centres, equipment and vessels. Today we have the UK's most reliable dredging fleet at its disposal. We continue to search for new possibilities and options.