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Safety Boat Work

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Safety Boat Work

Safety Boat Work

 Marine Shipping Services can supply work boats to suit a range of markets and tasks and nearly every imaginable setting. Our fleet boasts a wide range of job boats. This includes landing craft for water work. 

With over 15 years working in the work boat market, our team have the experience and capability to equip and adapt our job boats. This can be done to suit your exact requirements whether that be for surveys, filming, bridge fixings and more.

Any type of marine building job where there is a demand for work over the water can need the use of safety boats. Erection and taking down of scaffolding, rope workers, demolition of frameworks, refurbishment or maintenance projects or new construction job.

We are experienced in a variety of Safety cover procedures using landing craft. We work throughout coastal, estuary and freshwater locations.

We are already supplying 24 hr cover as part of much of our present tasks. Our landing craft is all equipped for night procedures.

Mobile operating units can cover throughout England, Wales and Ireland.

We supply work watercrafts for a substantial variety of markets & markets. These consist of:

  • Studies (bridges, river banks, sea protections, canals) 
  • Traveller, freight & materials transfer (e.g. wind farms, marine jobs)
  • Civil design (building, wind farms, ports, sea terminals, railways)
  • Surveys (bridges, river financial institutions, sea defences, canals)
  • Bridge repair works & maintenance
  • Bank & canal repair works & maintenance
  • Canal work
  • Dive operations
  • Power & utility projects
  • Maritime construction
  • Filming & television
  • Flooding supports
  • Environmental jobs
  • Scaffolding & rope work
  • Pollution control
  • The emergency services
  • Pontoon manoeuvring

We supply safety boats and landing craft for a large range of tasks. This includes on-water instalments and agreement works. This includes scaffolding erection and bridge painting, structural and bridge studies. This craft can also be used for environmental management and wildlife security obligations. 

We additionally employ watercrafts for media and filming purposes. This service can be applied to under-bridge evaluations, ecological surveying, rope accessibility and pontoon instalments. Our solutions consist of providing safety and security boats. We offer response and rescue watercrafts as well as job watercrafts for jobs to be performed from.